Version 0.8.2a released

A new version of UECIDE – version 0.8.2a – is now available for download.

The major change in this update is the addition of what I am calling “SAR” files. These are “Sketch ARchives”, which are basically a JAR file (which itself is just a special ZIP file) which contains information about a sketch, the sketch folder itself, and any contributed libraries the sketch uses.

You can now export your sketch as a SAR file, email it to someone, post it on a forum, whatever, and someone else can then import that SAR file, and it should just compile straight off for them. No hunting around for the right libraries, etc – just one file with it all in.

You can also use it for archiving sketches. Because it bundles all the required libraries in with the sketch you won’t have the problem of hunting the internet for the right libraries when you dust off that old project you started two years ago.

And because it’s basically a ZIP file you can even unzip it manually to get at the data in it, so you’re not really restricted to using it with UECIDE. It’s just easier if you do.


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