Welcome to the new UECIDE blog.

I felt it was about time I made a blog to help keep people up to date with what we have planned for the future of UECIDE – what is in the works, what we’d like to add in the future, etc.  And so, here it is.

So without further ado, what is happening in the UECIDE-o-sphere?

New systems

We are in the process of adding new families of hardware targets.  Most notable of these is the PIC16 target, mainly for the CHIPINO family of boards, but can also be used with any PIC16 based board.  We’re experimenting with using the open source SDCC (Small Device C Compiler) compiler, which if we get it working right for all platforms will also open the door to many other 8-bit chips, such as the Z80 and the 8051 amongst others.

Also in the works is support for the Teensy boards.  Unfortunately we don’t actually have a teensy board to try our code out on, so all we can do at the moment is hope that it’s working until we can find someone to test it out for us (or who can donate some hardware to us).

New Preprocessor

Experiments are underway to create a new source code preprocessor to replace the rather simplistic regex based preprocessor that is a hangover from the Arduino code.  We are looking into the possibility of using the compiler (when it has such facilities) to do proper preprocessing of the code.  This will allow proper use of #define macros to selectively compile code which, until now, have been causing untold problems with the automatic insertion of function prototypes.

Theme System

Big changes to the theme system are on the horizon.  What we really want is a nice clean way for the end user to be able to edit the theme, or install third party theme archives, through a nice simple user interface.  No more fiddling with theme.txt files.  Integrating it with the plugin distribution system would also be one of the main goals – maybe massively expanding the whole plugin manager system in the process.  Watch this space.

New Name

While the name UECIDE is perfectly adequate and describes exactly what UECIDE is, it’s not really a catchy name.  Other IDEs have great names – Eclipse; Anjuta, Netbeans, to name but a few.  UECIDE just doesn’t trip off the tongue.  So we’re in the market for a new name.  We’ve had a few suggestions already, from ranging from the ambiguous Chameleon to the rather tasteless Suecide, but none of them have yet really jiffled our tipples.  It needs to be something that encapsulates the whole idea of the universal IDE; the IDE to rule all IDEs (and no, Ring IDE or Nasgul IDE aren’t really in the running I’m afraid).  So get your thinking caps on. Suggestions on a postcard please.