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Version 0.8.3a brings options and manuals!

optionsWith the release of version 0.8.3a we now have a facility for providing board-level compilation options.  These are options which can be defined at either the board, core or compiler level (or any combination of the three) and allow the enabling and disabling of various compiler flags.

That could be as simple as turning on/off compiler warnings, or as complex as changing the entire way the core compiles.

It’s great for such things as optionally enabling USB support for a board, or dynamically compiling for different clock speeds, etc.  Anywhere where you have multiple versions of the same board which differ from just a few compiler options (such as -D macros) you can now combine the boards into a single board and use options to configure it as you like when you like.

The option system is detailed in the wiki at http://uecide.org/wiki/index.php/Options

Another great addition is the ability to include a manual PDF file in with a board.  The board directive “manual=…” can point to a file (typically PDF, but doesn’t need to be) stored within the board definition folder somewhere, which is then linked to by an entry in the Help menu: “Manual for <board name>”.  I was basically fed up of googling the manual for a specific board every time I wanted to check a pin arrangement, etc, so I thought this would be a much better way to have the manuals at my fingertips without needing to download them every time or try and remember where I saved them before.

The menu entry changes as you select a different board, and if there is no manual for that board in the definition then the manual menu entry will be hidden.